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At Overcome Resourceswe have successfully loaned more than RM 25 million to customers. We understand you have dreams of making it big, so we’re here to help. We pride ourselves on being truly friendly to new businesses because we know it can be difficult for young companies to find funding. 

We are an established legal and government registered Loan Company, formed by experienced SME owners with a combined total of more than 20 years of business experience; our company (Overcome Resources) aim is to secure the best possible personal loan, business loan, and mortgage loan for our client.

Finding a reliable & hassle free lender in Perak ?

 You are at the right place! We provide quick loans with an easy repayment option.

Types of Loan We Offered

We offer a variety of loans to meet your needs. If you need cash for anything, we have the best loan to suit your situation. Whether you need money for emergencies, home improvement projects or debt consolidation, we can help provide you with the financing that’s right for you.

Easy Personal Loan Perak

The process of applying for a personal loan can be completed at most banks. The application process usually involves providing basic identifying information as well as some financial details such as income amount from employment status and occupation type. At Overcome Resources, we just make it as simple as possible.

Flexible Business Loan Perak

There is no maximum or minimum limit on the amount you can borrow. A business loans provide companies with finance for investments, expansions and equipment purchases without requiring much paperwork which differs from banks as banks require stricter documentation in comparison. 

startup business loan Perak

A bank will most likely not give loan for start-up companies because of the high chance that the company will fail. So, if you’re looking for funding and your bank won’t provide you with one but you still need capital in order to start your new business venture, then our startup small business loan may be perfect for you!

hawker/food stall loan Perak

This is the type of loan that has been designated to help hawker / food stall owner. The loans that are given are short term and easy to be paid back with easy terms and condition. The repayment will be done in monthly installments so it won’t be too difficult for the hawkers to pay back when they have made some cash from their business. 

Mortgage Loan Perak

We also provide loans to individuals & businesses for the purpose of buying or constructing a home or commercial property. The benefit of mortgage loan is that it allows you to purchase property without having to come up with all the cash at one time. You also get to enjoy tax benefits and can deduct your mortgage interest payments from your income taxes.

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Financial Loan Tips

As a legal loan agency in Perak, we love to share the financial and loan tips for our customers.

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